Published On: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2014

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama divorce rumors: Everything you want to know

OBAMA-MITCHELLERumors of a divorce between Barack and Michelle Obama have set the Internet abuzz. Here’s everything you want to know about the new Obama divorce rumors which have suddenly become the hottest news on the Net. The information below is based on Jan. 19 news reports from, The Nation, The Daily Star and other media outlets reporting on the alleged Obama marital strife as viewed by The Examiner.

Here are the key points associated with the latest Obama divorce rumors, including two alleged cheating episodes by Barack Obama and the brazen flirting which angered Michelle Obama to the point that she reportedly wants a divorce.

Divorce Already in the Works

Michelle Obama has already secretly with met with an attorney to work out the logistics of filing for a divorce in which she will pursue a divorce settlement in which will include half of Barack Obama’s assets.

When Barack Obama’s presidency is over, he will reportedly move back to Hawaii where he grew up. Michelle Obama and the couple’s two teenage daughters, Sasha and Malia, will remain in Washington D.C. This is not the first time the Obama’s have been the subject of divorce rumors. However, this time the divorce rumors have a slightly different twist.

Secret Service Covers Up Obama’s Cheating

During the Obama’s Christmas break in Hawaii, someone is said to have leaked information to Michelle Obama about the Secret Service covering up Barack Obama’s alleged extramarital affairs.

In one incident, Barack was reportedly caught with a woman in an incident that was quickly hushed up by the Secret Service.

In a separate incident, a Secret Service agent was said to have seen Barack Obama in a compromising position with another woman while Michelle Obama was out of town.

These new allegations of infidelity have revived interest in previous reports of Michelle Obama’s jealousy and the infamous rumor of the Barack Obama-Vera Baker affair.

Barack Obama Selfies Embarrass Michelle Obama

Prior to finding out about Barack Obama’s alleged infidelities, Michelle Obama was allegedly already angry that Barack Obama embarrassed her by taking selfies at Nelson Mandela’s funeral with the beautiful blonde the prime minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt while Michelle gave them an icy stare. The first lady later changed seats, putting herself between Barack Obama and the attractive blonde. The whole incident was caught by photographers and pictured of the incident went viral on the Net.

Obamas Fight in Hawaii During Christmas Break

According to the rumors, the Obamas fought about the incident during their Christmas break in Hawaii and things came to a head when she found out about the Secret Service covering up Barack’s extramarital affairs.

This was reportedly the real reason Michelle Obama refused to return to Washington with Barack and the couple’s daughters. They flew back without Michelle, who remained behind and spent more than a week at Oprah Winfrey’s Hawaiian estate with friends.

The official story that Michelle’s extended stay in Hawaii was a birthday present from Barack Obama. The White House press secretary commented

“If you have kids, you know that telling your spouse that they can go spend a week away from home is actually a big present

Separate Bedrooms, Separate Lives

Anonymous White House sources claim that the first couple have already separated. For the sake of outward appearances, Michelle Obama will reportedly continue living at the White House until Barack Obama’s current term of office ends, but she will lead a separate life. The first lady has reportedly already moved out of the presidential bedroom and into another bedroom in the family’s private living quarters. Other sources report that Michelle Obama has already made arrangements to remove Barack Obama’s belongings from of their Chicago home.

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  1. Tess95 says:

    Couples must learn to endure and forgive. See Catholic Doctrine.

  2. hyginus nwaoba says:


  3. Ajudua Celestine says:

    Ido not actually where wether you family is a christain one or not but one thing is clear Marriage is all about endearance and tolerance especally in Africa where your Husband originates from. Pls, Michille Africa needs you to hold on will Will surely TALK and Priveal on our son Obama. We love you both.

  4. Okunade Mrs. says:

    Prayer is the solution to every nagging problem.

  5. Aluko says:

    fake people with fake news. All information you read here is not true pls. they are fake reporter/ e-news.

  6. olarinre busayo says:


  7. Gerald says:

    Ending time he who plane evil, the same evil must start 4rm his home

  8. Fmd. says:

    @ tess95, it is what God said and not catholic doctrine. God hate putting away, divorce. D truth here is dt those people does not practice d words of God, they are not Christians. What do u expect from a man who gave rise to evil practice, same sex marriage. While won’t evil prevail over his marriage.

  9. seunstical says:

    Wat u sow, u shall reap. patience is d best answer.

  10. Othman says:

    You guys should turn a leaf in the type of news you present. It seems you guys are always anxious to present unpalatable stories and what is more annoying is that you never take the time to verify anything. Besides, I don’t see how their divorce or anybody business should concern you & us. Turn a leaf please…

  11. irabor henry says:

    Let them divorce so that obama can marry a man he loves while mitchele marries a woman she loves.

  12. Gabriel Ekaba says:

    May God help them. Devil sometimes attack homes.

  13. Jef says:

    Yea! Let it be, so that Obama can marry d man of his dream while mitchele the woman of her dream n lets c whether each of them can produce an offspring.

  14. prince Agabi lache says:

    Devil is a liar endurance & pantience supersive evething in life(madam)

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