Published On: Sun, Jun 24th, 2012

Pastor Okotie and Stephanie split — Okotie’s second marriage crashes

Simon Ateba:

The glamorous marriage between Kris Okotie and his beautiful wife, Stephanie, has crashed less than four years after their big wedding, the funky preacher announced today.

In a dramatic announcement after a moving ministration, the controversial pastor of the Household of God Church and three-time presidential candidate, told his church their differences were irreconcilable and the couple had divorced.

“Stephanie and I are no longer married. We have separated. You can see she’s not in church today. It’s due to irreconcilable differences and you should please respect our wishes at this time because there is no going back.” With this terse statement Okotie announced the break up the marriage.

P.M.NEWS learnt that the congregation couldn’t believe the shocking news they had just heard from the charismatic former pop star turned cleric and politician.

Okotie reportedly made the announcement which invariably spoilt the day for most of the worshippers who had earlier had a very memorable brethren’s’ birthday celebration characterised by soul lifting songs, dancing, prayers, ministration and cutting of the cake.

While Okotie is divorcing for the second time, Stephanie has now been married three times and has three children from her first two marriages.

The break-up also puts an end to dream twins that Okotie expected her to deliver someday.

On 7 August, 2008, Okotie married Stephanie Henshaw, the woman he described as the most beautiful on earth, in a glamorous wedding attended by a horde of journalists and celebrities.

The funky preacher and celebrity singer had directed wealthy members of his church to donate millions of naira in gifts and cash and they made it one of the biggest and most-talked about wedding that year.

There were 12 committees made up of members born in each month of the year. Members born in the month of June, Okotie’s birth month, contributed the most. The eloquent preacher was born on 16 June, 1958, in Delta State.

Aside this, Okotie had selected 120 members, 10 from each month to form the wedding train. Each of them wore aso ebi.

The celebrity pastor also invited two journalists from each media organisation in the country to give total coverage to his second marriage.

Okotie’s traditional wedding took place on 7 August, at 6 George Street, Ikoyi, Lagos, by 2 p.m. while the registry ceremony followed the next day, Friday, 8 August, at the Ikoyi registry, at 4 p.m, and the thanksgiving and benediction took place on Sunday, 10 August, at the Household of God Church, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos.

The clergyman told his church members early that year that he would be getting married to Stephanie because of her beauty which he described as angelic.

The eloquent preacher had also said that Stephanie has been under his watch for five years and did not mind the number of children she had from her previous marriages.

Mid-2007, when Okotie made his choice public, his church almost broke up as some female celebrities who thought they were the favoured candidates for ‘the post‘ of Mrs. Okotie, received the shocker of their lives when he settled for Stephanie, the unassuming woman in his glamorous church.

Ladies like Sola Salako, church administrator for several years and Okotie’s close aide; Vien Tetsola, a former Miss Nigeria; Ure Okezie, daughter of former minister, Dr. Okezie, and others, were rumoured to have left the church because of the announcement.

Celebrities such as Mofe Damijo and many others were also said to have simply quit Okotie‘s church then, while some have reluctantly returned.

Okotie’s marriage to Stephanie was his second attempt at matrimonial life. He was first married to Tyna his long time friend, but the marriage packed up after 17 years without any child.

Okotie loved his first wife so much that there was hardly a sermon in which he did not mention Tyna.

Long after they separated, he still spoke about her with deep emotions as if they were still married.

So much did Okotie talk about Tyna that some of his admirers in the church became jealous. But when he announced that he was set to marry Stephanie, he hardly mentioned the name of his first wife publicly.

Stephanie then became his centre of attraction.

On one occasion, Okotie invited Stephanie to the altar for a formal introduction.

After dancing around her for some minutes to the delight of the congregation, Okotie looked at Stephanie as she was going back to her seat, looked at the church and looked at Stephanie again and said in Igbo language, “Lekwa nwanyi nka marama” meaning “Look at her, isn`t she beautiful?”

Pastor Chris Okotie, founder of Household of God Church, Oregun, Lagos, is another firebrand preacher that often sends his audience into ecstasy.

He is also known for televangelism, and for preaching the end times which he titles The Apocalypsus.

In his messages, Okotie always reveals his knowledge of the book of Revelations beyond the ordinary and in a very complicated language which has prompted many to go to church with one or two dictionaries!

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  1. Ronke says:

    May God have mercy on all this so called faked pastors.

  2. Philemon kaje says:

    Its a pity

  3. mike says:

    God is watching

  4. JISL says:

    I saw Snr. Prophet TB Joshua delivering many pastors & Bishops, is this case exeptional.

  5. udy says:

    Its immoral for a pastor to enroll himself in this school of thoughts! Wworking away in marriages. To he’s an adulterer. He’s living in sin. In marriage, you endure what so ever comes out of it. Of course, he went after the beauty and not inner person

  6. Eja says:

    Beauty is vanity. U re infatuated wit her beauty not the love and understanding. A lessson 4 everyone.

  7. Tunzy says:

    I’m very sory to say this, is this the type of ‘ordinary pastor’ that is ‘antagonizing’ the “Most anoited, honorable, Prophet TB Joshua” this is a shame on Christ Okotie…..hmmmmm is he a real pastor? A pastor that goes after beauty & not been guided by the ‘Holy spirit’ in d choice of live partner?…that food for thought?

  8. Ibitola d says:

    I think every decision we take in life shld always be centered around God’s purpose for our life not just d physical outlook.wish them well!

    • Lucia says:

      Our respone to person who made mistake, can also be a mistake. WE ARE ONE ANOTHER STRENGTH say by prophet TB Joshua. Pastor since we ve Prophet TB Joshua as a Man of God, while no visit him, u can make it one on one, without the world known abt ur visit. I am sure God can use him to help u out of dis mess. Forget what has happen it does count. It might not sound wel, but try it. God is ur strength. Amen.

  9. Lola says:

    Nawa ooo isnt dt ridiculous 4 a pastor 2 b divorcn twyc….hw is he goin 2 settle marital differences of hs church members……….ds is indeed 1 of d signs of d last hour

  10. Joshua says:

    Marriage is not about lordship or church organisation it is friendship to see ur partner as ur best friend and cherishing each other in lov and respect wife submit 2 ur husband husband lov ur wife and respect them can 2 work 2gether unless they agree? U must bear each others weakness in transparency

  11. Lucia says:

    pls, it can be u.

    • Gabriel Uche says:

      when one assumes some kind of position, he respects the position. before one can call himself a pastor, he should know that some pleasures must be dropped.
      you know what the press will write when they see a respected bishop like Oyedepo in a public swimming pool (a Nigerian influential pastor found naked in a public place)

  12. D1 says:

    Na wa oo. And he wanted to be persident !! Lol God save us oo

  13. raji says:

    what a pity.

  14. Eattu says:

    So what next???

  15. t grl says:

    Na waa oooo…He wasn’t in luv wit her in d first place,it was just infatuation..A whole pastor 4 dat mata,dis world is reali cumin 2 an end.May GOD av mercy.

  16. PAUL JAIYEOBA says:


  17. HELEN KAY says:

    can ‘nt belive wat dis so call man of GOD preach to people at his age can avoid to stay in marriage dis is a big shame on him probably another woman is standing adultrious pastor

    • Sammo says:

      Helen Kay,if you were a strong bible student and soaked in the love of God,you would look at Pst okotie and really be moved with compassion and pray for him instead of condemning him as ADULTRIOUS PASTOR…1sam. 26:23. Pls don’t call for spiritual crisis to yourself. Pls I don’t mean insult.

  18. Osuolale abbey says:

    Marithan life it has to do with submissive

  19. laura says:

    We α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ ‎​I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the  time we nid to watch n pray.may God almighty deliver us from false prophet. God hates devorc y wil a man of God practis such? Its God dat gives children nt our fame or wealth.y  earth wil he put away his first wife bc she cld’t bear a child not stoppin dia went n married anoda divorcee. Father place forgiv us

  20. PST EDWIN PETERS says:


    • joe-ugep says:

      please make thesame referral for Evang. Livinus Ofem of TIMES CHRISTIAN CHAPEL, UGEP. who is marrying another wife even when his wife is still alive and has refused to remarry because she believes she is still married to him, when CAN treaten to act, he was prepared to take CAN to court and claim damages. this mentality has infact affected his members who will not marry anybody outside their church, some of his members have even proposed to three girls and wants to settle with one, infact there is trouble.

  21. asaolu says:

    It is well

  22. Amen2012 says:

    This is a great diappiontment to the church. This is the sign of the end time. Bishop Chris,i weep for you. You are a disappiontment to people like us that look up to you.retrace your step now,or you will regret this your stupid action.

    • Sammo says:

      Amen2012, you sounded more like a PERFECT man that has never failed God before. I have read many comments like yours and It appears to me that lots Christians are not strong bible student, they don’t know the word…Gal. 6:1.

  23. Yanju says:

    Misplaced priorities

  24. amaka says:

    lool. Cant stop laughing. Its even the ppl who attend his church that i pity. Hahahahaha. Ewo! N he has the guts to call my sweet, n humble Prophet Tb Joshua Fake?? My dear, u still have tym 2 stop all this nonsense. Funky preacher ke!

    • Pst chris onovoh says:

      Okotie, u sure nd pryrs 4 spiritual stability. Go back to ur 1st wife Tyna no matter wat. Pray 4 hr own mess to packup too. One mor opprtnity to reconcile back to God,& make fool- proof of ur ministry. Wait & pray 4 Tyna. Its possible. TB JOSHUA WL B FULY EXPOSED 4 WHO HE REALY IS.. Double agent Numbrs chpts 22,23,24. We know chris okotie’s faith roots. Tel us ur TB JOSHUA’S FAITH ROOT or MENTOR. Beware. Mark 13:21-31.

      • Anthony says:

        Who mentor moses,Joshua,Daniel even Jesus Christ? lets learn from what’s happening in dis world

      • joe-ugep says:

        will you really blame chris, women are bounch of confussion, this is why CATHOLIC PRIEST don’t marry, this is bound to happen, unless you are ready for it. for me, clergies should be single, bc even the clergy ladies may not be trusted, a lady is a lady, even when you want to pretend, But SOMETHING must kill a man(WOMEN). WHO KNOWS WHAT CHRIS has gone tru to take this decision, come to think about it does he have a child?

  25. Ty peter says:

    Nah today? i beg shit happens pastor sef nah human being o,let he dat is without a sin be d first to cast a stone!!!

  26. Olaoye says:

    Pastor my foot, i believe he knows his bible very where God talked devorce dt he hates devorce and he went ahead to devorce his first and marred another, stupid he has done in d sight of God. My idea 4 him is just beg 4 4giveness and treconcile with his wife

    • Sammo says:

      Olaoye, I like your name so much, but your comment is very dangerous, you said…PASTOR MY FOOT, in your own words. When I was a Moslem, non of my mallams that erred have I ever insulted like that before. Let’s put our differences aside and show some love OKAY. Pls, lets pray for him.

  27. Mofe says:

    Na wa oh! It is well. Some mechanic’s dressing has made men believe that all mad people are mechanics too.

  28. Lawal toyin says:

    Dey should try and settle it as a pastor.

  29. johnson gates says:

    that was someones wife he took.They had issues and he asked them to separate .en a few months later he goes ahead to marry the mans wife. so its good for him.

  30. ayo says:

    This man is just fooling himself, what on earth r ppl still doing in dat church? Are they ok at all?

  31. adetola ismail says:

    dis pastors are all fake may god save us frm dem

  32. Pusque baba says:

    Hmm!!! God knwz….

  33. usman Rhoda says:

    Dis is signs of d end tym
    If he can’t handle a single woman
    How can he den rule Nigeria
    Okotie, its a pity. My prayer
    4 u is dat God shld open ur
    Eyes frm darkness in2 lyt. U dnt
    Knw God @ all, I pray u cum 2
    D saving knwoledge of christ, I”l
    Not stop praying 4 ur salvation

  34. Kike says:

    Marriage is not all about ceremony but its all about decision, God’s direction and ability to endure with reference to the marital vows.

  35. Mr B says:

    Teach us to honour you in that we say or do oh lord

  36. Michy says:

    Pastor in marital mess. Pls, kindly look 4 another job dt may help u cos we singles are better than U.

  37. Dgal says:

    Judgement start from the podium.

  38. Akanimoh says:

    I wonder what he is teaching couples in his church. Divorce ur wife or husband whenever u do not like the face anymore? He needs prayers.

  39. JC mama says:

    Dont rush to judge, ve u pulsed to wonder what might be d problem. He needs ur prayer not ur judgement.

  40. dotun says:

    We shall know dem by their fruit. Fake pastor. I pity for those who are going there. Misleading pastor.

  41. Oguns kehinde says:

    Is dis a pastor or adulterer?i pity dose pple under his anotin,he is nt livin d lyf of a xtian.he hs seen anoda dt is why he divource his wife

  42. Tunzy says:

    4 they that live by d flesh shall die, & they that live by d Spirit shall live……’Okotie’ stop critisizng Past Oyakhilomen & d anoited prophet T B J…

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  44. Edema Pamela says:

    D problem could b frm d woman o, cos it was nt stated. But all dsame its a big fuck up……

  45. Samuel says:

    This rather unfortune…this rather unreasonable for a Pastor to preach the bible but he’s not acting 2 script. End of days is near.

  46. Santa aloy says:

    Guy na for ur pocket oh

  47. Umile cletus says:

    Most of dis pastors are after money & afluence. D only preach prosperity nt salvation. On dat day i wil(Jesus) say 2 dem go away u workers of iniquity.

  48. susan says:

    This rubbish how can someone who calls himself a man of God be involved in this act of divorce. The bible is against dis its only on d ground of fornication/ aldutry dt he can divorce his wife. Practice wat ♈̷̴☺U̶̲̥̅̊ preach okotie

  49. Ayobami says:

    A pastor married b’cos of Beauty or what?Uhmmmn! If d foundation be destroyed,what would a “righteous” do.To all my readers,pls d only perfect manual for all things in our lives is d is d only holy book to be faced as our facebook to see d face of God on all matter how great a man is,should not be greater than holiness of God.Beware!!! SHALOM.

  50. Ela says:

    I’m nt surprise, church now na busines, his own na one of them. If he happen 2 win presidential seat, eh he wil build factory 4 beautiful ladies . May God av mercy on him

  51. Roselyn Kehinde says:

    well, it is well may God help Us

  52. Matey says:

    God is so patient with sinners. Okotie is full of pride and he losted after the lady, not true love that the Bible talked about which is the inside, character, morals, God fearing but he went after beauty (outward appearance). May God forgive his sins NJN.

  53. Engr BASH says:

    When pastor cant handle marriage, au wud his church members not av broken homes. Who knws, he might b impotent.

  54. Pastor Anointing M. Adedeji says:

    Well, it’s just unfortunate and a very sad story. Let me say, this to all and asundry who has this publication in their social media devices that, THERE ARE THREE THINGS THAT ARE MYSTERIOUS IN EARTH has the Holy Bible has stipulated. 1. The Mystery of Godliness, 2. The Mystery of Marriage, 3. The Mystery of Iniquity. Having said this, my submission is, there is no perfect man in marriage and no perfect marriage in the world. My father says, “not every woman that does not have a matrimonial home is said to be bad in character”. Therefore, what had happened to a pastor colleague is nothing to celebrate about or for anybody to mock the MOG upon. God knows why, and only God should be left to judge the situation. He instituted marriage. Your formular may not work for mine own marriage. God bless u.

    • Sadepoem says:

      You are not saying the truth, why did he divorce the firt wife, the bible dose no surport divore, it is a shame, it it is high time for you so call man of God to stop disgrachjng God by you life style

    • joe-ugep says:

      that is the more reason you need to be sure before going into it. one tin wit u men of God, u turn around to mock embarrass God, imagine, this man may not have dated her, but rushed into marriage bc she is beautiful, if chk deeply, this plm would have been noted if they courted or even dated. must you be married, st. paul said not all must be married, bt served God well in what ever status you find urself

  55. Jael says:

    T b josh or Chris God pass dem all.n 4 both followers of dis men dat u all worship u all betta tink twice abt ur men of God.both ppl say they are serving God but are beefing each oda in da church cannt u all tink,n u da same members cannt question.

  56. Ajiibaba says:

    Save urslf frm this crooked generation. U shld know CHRIST & FOLLOW HIM not any “so called pastor“. I‘m Not judging anyway.

  57. Man cannot live alone is an injunction of the Almighty God. Pastors are not excempted from temptation. There is dishonesty in ‘buying & selling’, evils may continue to prevail in Nigeria as long as we harbor ‘cash & carry’ antichrist priests.
    Their philosophy is,
    ‘jesus for sex’
    ‘jesus for money’
    ‘jesus for power’.

  58. De Profhesor says:

    Laff wan kill me oo…I cant laff ooo!!!

  59. De Profhesor says:

    Sure he cant b a marriage councelor and gud model to his church members, so wat is he a pastor for?
    His marriage is following a geometric distribution, may b after ‘x’ trials he will get a successful marriage.
    Luking 4ward 2 d drama dat will come wit ur nxt marriage.
    Allah is d greatest!!

  60. Ayuke eliyak says:

    Na waa oooo 4 man of God, God help him

  61. Prince oluwaseun says:

    Hunm,yoruba wil say ”E ku atoto nu lataaro”I jst want every1 of us 2 rememba d book of st mathew chapta 7 4rm vs 1.pls my pple,my own advice 4 them is 2 pray fervently 2 God 4 divine intervention in their marital affairs.

  62. Malachy odunukwe says:

    Pls hav u ask urself d reason y he did wat he has done.must he wait until d wman kil him.pls lets stop passin judgment i beliv he knw d bible more than 4 TB JUSUA. He is nt married if he is i havnt hard dat but d end shal tell

  63. Richie says:

    GOD have mercy

  64. oaikhina paul esegboria says:

    Dis is unbelievable,don’t even knw wat to say’its a shame.GOd help us

  65. Matthew otache says:

    Okotie! okotie! okotie! Hw many times hv i called u? may God forgive u. I pity all dos dat goes 2 his adultrous church.

  66. Emmanuel says:

    Okotie lusted after beauty.What offence has he committed when majority of his colleagues were lusting after wealth? Living in affluence, some moving about with private jet when some of their congregation can’t afford three square meal a day.Was this how the early church lived? This reveals the emptiness of latter day christianity, the protestant business termed churches, the worst case.

  67. Sadepoem says:

    The bible is our standard, God said I will hate divorce. My question is why did he divorce the first wife. When God said He hate divorce, even in the new testament divorce is not allowed. Malachi 2 : 16, mat 19 : 3, lev 7 : 14. Well he is a pop star

  68. Bldr.Igbasan Toyin says:

    Well,End Time ooo,let God judge

  69. markus Sir-Lulu Ishaya says:

    Who is a M.O.G n a SON of GOD in d first place,Can a Lion give birth to dog o an Elephant giv birth to rabbit Godforbid?pls make no Man ur mentor only Jesus.Hebrews 12.2,Titus 1.10-16.

  70. sammy brown says:

    ‘watch n pray dat ye may not fall into temptation’. We need d Spirit of God 2 direct us. I’m sure he did not watch n pray. God have mercy.

  71. Abaing,Gabriel says:

    Hmmmmm! U say wetin? I jst dey pass o.

  72. Odun1one says:

    OMG! Well there is no much to say than to say BEWARE!

  73. Dochu I. Paul says:

    This type of thing must happen in order to fulfill the scriptures. This is just one out off one thousand. There may be DEMON – ORDAINED “Pastors” and GOD – ORDAINED pastors. One should be very careful not to be carried away by their demonic miracles and prophesies.

  74. king-owen says:

    May God forgive us all. This is madness.

  75. oge says:

    This is just to show that these men are only humans and also prom to mistakes, but Y marry again? Stop and dedicate ur life to christ alone cos its obvious that u can’t put it together. So that wEn u preach aboutmarriage in church you will be taken seriously.please for God sake don’t marry again!

  76. Emmanuel says:

    When i was a child i had this fantasy of marrying the most beautiful woman. But now as a man i know beta. Marriage is more than beauty. Lets learn from okotie’s mistake

  77. Noble says:

    Oh God help us 2 numba our mercy on Okotie soul oh Lord.amen

  78. lummy says:

    A HOUSE is just a house..Its the presence of a woman that turns it to a HOME,You can be a M.O.G or Devil’s child.A man without a wife is Homeless
    Beauty goes beyond the external body of a woman,nor the mere physique but the inner heart,maturity,understanding,sincerity and trust can makes a relationship last longer..When you fall in LOVE with beauty,then you fall in LUST.the result will always be negative cos you are on the wrong part of destination
    Life is just like a spider thread!!! so flexible and so tinny…Going into a relationship its meant to be for better for worst,in sickness and in good health,for richer for poorer..When a leader lays a bad example,what do you expect the followers to do???please can someone answer this question?
    When man works, man works. But when man prays, God works! i pray may God forgive us all our sin

  79. Gbadebo Raphael says:

    Which legacy are u leaving for the followers and i beleived God is watching us day by day.

  80. edward diaro says:

    pls i would like the christain community to tell me,if its still within the commandement jesus christ left for us,having second marriage while the other first woman is still alive,not even for the cause of adultry,remember a man is not suppose to divorce his wife for another,what principle is being laid here,christain think twice,beware what you hear and see.

  81. Jessica says:

    Y is everyone calling T.B JOshua here? Wot makes u pple tink dat he is d “Aninted man of God” lyk ur all claiming him 2 be? No1 knows 4 sure wot went wrong so pls, Let dem be. Jst bcz hez a pastor dosnt mean he cnt make mistakes. D only person above Mistakes is God. Lyf is all a learning process. We make Mistakes, We Learn & We Move On.

  82. Aramide Ojutiku says:

    God’s way is not our way.I don’t see any thing wrong to divorce if u arenot compertable with ur partner.Whether u are a Pastor,Imam or who ever.if u are passing thro’ a phase it does’nt mean u are sinner.

  83. elvis says:

    I don’t hav mush to say than askin God to hav mercy upon him

  84. olalekan hassan says:

    @RONKE, how dare u mean dt Chris Okotie is fake pastor. Does a second time crashed marriage turn someone a fake pastor. Someone openly announced to His congregations that the wishes of the couple should be accepted on the fact that they are no more husband and wife. Am sure you are worried because he did not open up on what transpired between them, that is jst the simple language for public consumption and for those care to listen to the man of God. His private life should be respected. I PRAY TO GOD TO GIVE BOTH OF THE EX-COUPLE THEIR NEW HEART DESIRES.

  85. Oluwayemisi says:

    By their FRUITS, U shall know them.
    I comment my reserve;
    It is well

  86. david says:

    I have never like Okotie for once, I ve always known him to be a womaniser. May God save him from satanic oppression!

  87. Jerry says:


  88. jacob zuma says:

    You are a leader. You need to show example.what you do count. Only God can deliver us

  89. Mayowa says:

    God wil help us in dis life, marriage is not a day decision, it tks years. but God wl c us 2ru.may gud God intervn.

  90. Jen says:

    Divorce should never an option!

  91. Jen says:

    Divorce should never an option!for better!for worst!you preach it!y cnt you practice it?

  92. Marthel Granville says:

    Oh Lord have mercy upon him,Lord open his eyes of understanding dat divorce
    is a sin.pit of hell is really
    fighting him not to make

  93. Madu Abuchi says:

    I pity ppl that r brain whashed by these fraudlent pastors.Chris was and still an entertainer never a real pastor,his fraudlent showmanship deceive narrow minded fools,may God open their eyes to wise up

  94. olalekan hassan says:

    @Pastor A. Adedeji, u av said it all, words of elder are words of wisdom! I really appreciate ur contribution.

  95. olayemi says:

    God will have mercy on them.instead of enduring what was suppose to enjoyed the both party should go in peace,everyone one us has our own problems,it could be your turn tomorrow,don’t laugh at them so that you too will not be laugh,don’t rejoys in another man’s mistake you can never tell what will happen next.

  96. shep says:

    chris has alloewd flesh and the holy spirit what will be his teaching on marriage.

  97. shep says:

    he has allowed flesh and not the hollyspirit to control him what will be his teaching about marriage

  98. Sweetmama says:

    @Amaka nd Lummy,may God bless u 4 ur comments.@pastor anointing m.adedeji,just shut ur mouth if u dnt av anythng to say.didn’t u hear dat steph ws a DIVORCEE b4?He(okotie)said,”he does’nt mind hw many kids steph had in her previous marriages(meaning,she has been married twice).Moreover,he made it public dat he has been eyeing steph secretly for 5yrs nd whn de opportunity came,he grabbed it.plz as a pastor,try to say de truth even if u’ll be hanged cuz it might set u free.shalom

  99. kecee says:

    Chris should retrace his steps and humbly apologise to the man of God TB Joshua. Let God take control and help us all! No man has the right to be a judge.

    • Deola says:

      When we make up our minds about what we want and not God’s Choice for our life, God will just “sidon look” and let us fufil our selfish heart desires so that we can learn our lessons.

  100. Sweetmama says:

    @Malachy Odunukwe,will u shut dat ur stupid mouth.Why did he do wat?Was steph nt some1’s wife?He(okotie)said he has been targetting steph for 5yrs.Moreover,hw r u sure he’s nt impotent or he has nt used his manhood in exchange of power nd wealth.He knws de bible nd divorced his 1st wife aftr 17yrs wit no child.Instead to ask God to intercede 4 his family,he’s there lookng at ppl’s pretty wives.shameful act.As for my humble daddy,Prophet T.B Joshua,if u care to knw,he is blessed wit a wife nd luvly stop sayng wat u dnt knw mumu.

  101. Pamalyztikal says:

    His nxt sermon should be Ashawoman where’s ur bus stop? I’m sorry 4 his followers.

  102. Chris, why? Remember, God is watching you. What will you preach to them. Reconcile with her for Christ sake.

  103. okon says:

    chris you play with calabar girl thank God say she no kill you oo

  104. Yemi says:

    God help us…wen iniquity abounds in d church, y won’t d world laugh at us. A “pastor”, secretly watchin a married woman 4 5yrs, divorces his wife & married her, 4 her beauty. Dis is adultry of d highest order…i wonder wat he teaches his congregatn

  105. Mrs Okunade says:

    Marriage is not what we should treat with levity. Anyone that seek a wife or husband must seek the face of God before venturing into it. Devil is always attacking this God’s institution

  106. OP says:

    The bible supports divorce ONLY on Adultery. Pastors are not left out, either. Who knows who might have commtted adultery between them. We should not judge because the reason for the divorce is not known to us. God knows best.

  107. oluyemi says:

    ”While Okotie is divorcing for the second time, Stephanie has now been married three times and has three children from her first two marriages”- mariage works when couple are ready to endure, forgive, make sacrificial love

  108. Gabriel Enya says:

    God uses people from ghettos to teach pastors lesson, many did not even wed for a day no food no home but still survive with love….. This pastor was gone for beauty now his done with shame and pity….. That’s his cross not mind I gat mine too so may God have mercy for we great sinner or rather big sinner……. Is A PITY man……………

  109. Priscy says:

    Pst Chris is loved by God.He shd thank God 4 saving him 4rm the pit of hell by letting go the second marriage.He shd now reconcile wit his first wife,4give whatever she might have to him&ask 4 God’s 4giveness.These will make him fit to be a ‘true man of God’

  110. Maidoh Chukwudi says:

    Okotie, humble yourself, go to born again men of God for counselling and deliverance. Thereafter,God will decorate u as His.

  111. Tony says:

    God says I hate divorce, not irreconcillable differences. Obviously that part is not in there bible. Let it be a lesson to all, those that want to worship and serve the Lord must do so in truth.

  112. maxwell udoka allwell says:

    hmnn na waooh for all dis so called men of God, to start with the bible that we all read said in the ten commandment that thou shalt not coveth thy neighbours wife, thou shalt not commit adultery, and divorce is a sin, so does it means? that his own bible is exceptional? even for the woman i meant to understand dat she,s been married twice before krist okotie and which was okotie friend and been a councilor to the couple before their divorce, then okotie now inherit,, na waooh one day the wrath of God ill befall all dese so called men of GOD………….

  113. maxwell udoka allwell says:


  114. joe-ugep says:

    all the CHRIS them! make una do well ooooo!!! what is the meaning of this.

  115. joe-ugep says:

    this was what brought division to the church, when Martin Luter needed a second wife bc his first could not bear children, and when the pope refused, he left the church. my brothers is this not END TIMES, OR is the church going to be divided again?

  116. Mary j says:

    Okotie and steph,my prayer 4 u both is dt God in his infinite mercy will forgive u.

  117. Martha julius says:

    Hmmm,wat a world!he has done b4 n now again,so, b wise,u dat’s goin 2 b d next cos he can he wil stil do again

  118. ay says:

    We should try and bridle our tongues(unruly evil, world of iniquities)in passing judgements on this sensitive issue.God knows those that are his regardless of our HOLIER THAN THOU ATTITUDES.If God should open everyone’s can of worms,
    can you stand?

  119. Ps. Biyi Emmanuel says:

    In dis end time, devil is out to destroy spiritual giants not minding position in d church, what matters most is infilling of d Holy Spirit and carefulness. Candidates of heaven, both single and married, learn from Pastor Okotie’s marriage issue. D effect of anything done in d flesh is dangerous. Pls. Lean fast!

  120. Sonita says:

    Two marriages + three marriages is equal to gross senselessness…. Ok may they should give marriage a try for the third and the forth time respectively. Lol….. Wishing the love birds the best. Uhmmmmm

  121. Juzteen says:

    @Joe-Uge;it was King Henry d 8th & not Martin man or church in dis world is perfect,so is okotie and d@’s why it is said; do wat d preacher says and not what he does but fuuny enuf som modern-day preachers cant even do and say wat is not condemning him here but as many hav already said,divorcing his wife,admiring and dseiring anoda man’s wife and eventually marrying her(a divorcee lyk himself) wia all worng for a MOG lyk him.but i blv d bible says by dia fruits,u shall knw Matthew 7:1-5 and from verse 15-23(even ur Pastor TBJ is also inclusive) cuz it’s not by d miracles being performed or d lives dey live/tins dey do which they only want us to see,only God knows what they possibly do in secret and how righteous they will be to merit/make heaven.i leave Okotie for him and God.BEWARE!!!

  122. GRACE OBIANKE says:

    well nothing much to say, i only refer to the book of Mathew 7 vs. 1, and may God bless everyone of us in Jesus Name, Amen.

  123. Abiodun says:

    may are called but few is choose, that is the case

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