Published On: Thu, Jul 4th, 2013

Sex scandal — Tope Alabi Releases statement

TOPE ALABITope Alabi went on her facebook this monrning to addresses her fans that all is well. She posted below picture with a statement and the gospel actress didn’t say anything about her Spiritual Father.

Here is her status update:

“My Friends, No matter the negative rumor you hear or read,I want you to know it’s never true and not inspired by the living Jesus Christ…and I will never compromise my faith in God by the grace of God.God is at work.”

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  2. kemisola says:

    Sis tope I Knw u as a wonderful nd God fearing singer so I’ve confused myself in my own little way dat wat ur prophet said are all lies, u are so mature for not saying anything consigning d matter..i will for ever love u.

  3. fola olutola says:

    Dats d result when u attach important value to man than God…u once said is ur God so good for u now the two of u messing each other up on Air.wht a degrace to christianity….

  4. kennyGG says:

    Tope i just wanna tell u dat u should be more prayerful so dat u can overcome †ђξ so called spiritual pastor,Because he will like to bring U down by any power dat is Using.its well wit us Ur family and ur ministry IJN

  5. I will always love you.Your detractors will only help in moving you forward.Be carefull,though,satan and his agents knows they have but a short time so are therefore desperate to drag many down.You won,as you alway will.Only be strong.

  6. Bukonla says:

    Sis Tope,i’ll only advise u 2 b more strong in faith.d is d battle of holy people,i no 2 well wat u a encounterin wit ur profet,i am used wit many profets,@ d end of d day dt God has used dem 4 u,dey let u no dt witout dem u a nobody,dey can even threat dt ,dey no d source of ur battle ,dt dey can double it ,if u fumble wit dem.Dont fumble wit ur profet my sister,God will direct u IJN.amen

  7. bukola fadairo says:

    Ur (Olorun Ajanaku ti migbo kijikiji) can u now c d out come of those dat add so much important 2 men of God dan He who created heaven n earth? Warnin!

  8. Olaiwola Ajala says:

    U have to change ur ways and confess ur sins. There is no smoke without fire. Go back and beg ur prophet, even if u are not going to attend his church again, go and make restitution. God will help you.

  9. Popoola nurudeen says:

    Sis tope u have to be prayerful n never attach so much to any man bt God.he ll try to bring u down bt will fail.we ur lovers still doubt the authentication of his powerful as u fight it on.

  10. Ola says:

    Look at the comment of people in support of Tope Alabi and against the prophet.

  11. Ade says:

    He knws without u in his church is ministry is ternished, dat was why d so called profet is trying 2 bring u dawn, nd its a big wasting of time for him,becos it won’t work, we ur fans wil keep loving u, I knw it wil end up lik dis becos dat is our prayer so dat u can face God direct, u ar called by God not by Ajanaku, more over when Oore tio common cam out u don’t mention his name nd I knw u don’t knw him den,nd d name of d cd pack is Tope Alabi, so how come he said he named u Tope, see just be determine, all dis wil bring success, fans, nd fame. So pls, ur fans ar very happy with u dat at last u knw d truth about d Ajanaku dat his a man not God,

  12. Concerend says:

    I personally don’t comment on blogs, but this is of interest to me bcos I Love Tope Alabi and the gift God has given her. As others have said; I was never comfortable with ur constant mention of “Olorun Ajanaku” in ur songs. I always cover for u by assuming on ur behalf that it is God u’re referring to as Ajanaku. Always note that whatever success u record is never attributable to any man of God, God could have used him for u but it is wrong for u to attach so much importance that his name surfaces in all ur songs; u’re not a secular juju singer na. Now there’s a split, and ur songs are everywhere u can delete ur reference to him again. A lesson for all. I trust God in ur life and I pray for u. remain strong and keep the flag flying so that he can see that without him in ur career and with his allegations, u can move on and even on a higher pedestal. u don’t need him to make it, u only need God the father of all creation

  13. sallamsor says:

    @fola,bukola and olaiwola una be fools wey they beef………

  14. Eniola Esther Owodunni says:

    Just be prayerful, in this life we face alot of challenges, I love u and I love ur songs. agba to ni omi ninu kon dun. love u

  15. kennymoore adeyemi says:

    Let all ur praise be for God of man alone not for man of God,am not move by what I hear,just looking unto JESUS

  16. Ogunyemi Samuel says:

    Don’t allow the rumor to discourage u,just move on in faith and God will fight your fight.. I pray that the spirit to continue without stain will be granted to u.. AMEN

  17. Statesman says:

    Isaiah 35:5 says that the eyes of the blind ones will be opened.

  18. Oyetunji timothy oyedele says:

    Dont listen to then say, just look unto Jesus He will give you victory over your enemy. Peace be unto you

  19. Okwy vincent says:

    So sallamsor so u ar among d enemy of progress? May God av mercy on u.

  20. saxman says:

    Sister Tope God will uphold you d more.

  21. Don Leo says:

    God knows best. One the truth of the story will be revealed & the lier will be put to shame.

  22. Apostle Olanipekun M.O says:

    What is hiding in secret God knows it but both Tope and the so called pastor should go back to their knees and seek for the forgiveness of their sins so that they will not loose their eternal life

  23. shittu esther unini-afore says:

    God will see u through.believe in God’s word that say every tongue that raises up against u in judgement shall be condemed.

  24. sinbad says:

    oh yee men of little faith ,who attached thier success on “god of men “and so call “man of god ” the praises and adoration should be to alimght God only. olorun baba kini olorun igba olorun awo. hummmmmm!

  25. olaoluwa says:

    Tope we love u soo much nothing dat man call pastor will say dat call reduce my love 4 u (the Lord is ur strenght

  26. amy says:

    I like that u didn’t go abt defending ur self or talking d prophet down. I hate it when so called christians wash their dirty linen in public. We, as christians, should always live exemplary lives. Whatever happened in d past, only God knows & He can always forgive. Check ur stand with God daily cos heaven is real & hell is real.

  27. Dotty says:

    Tope I hope you realise your Pastor is on a mission to destroy you. You have shown maturity by not responding to his rantings while asuring your fans of your Christianity. You have to be prayerful. Join a b ijoin a bible believing church and focus on the lord Jesus the alpha and omega. It is well with you and youyou and your family.

  28. abiola says:

    Lady evangelist tope……………av it in mind dt is human for U̶̲̥̅̊ @̤̥̣̈̊̇п̲̣̣̥d̶̲̥̅̊ U̶̲̥̅̊ are really d cos of all dis. Ask me y? U̶̲̥̅̊ av show him how much important he’s U̶̲̥̅̊ av forgotten dt he’s merely an human being JƱڪτ̲̅ like U̶̲̥̅̊ @̤̥̣̈̊̇п̲̣̣̥d̶̲̥̅̊ I………..I think U̶̲̥̅̊ might av learn yuor lesson now. Stay blessed W̶̲̥̅ƹ love you

  29. Oyekan john says:

    Tope Alabi, i realy appericiate the kind of maturity and ur spritual understanding in ur comment, but i want u to know that u have attached so much importance/ praise to ur so called prophet rather than God and this is teaching u a lesson that u should only put ur trust in God, it is just a storm d only man that can silent it is the master

  30. samuel adebayo says:

    be strong,God will uphold you,it is the sign of ending time.

  31. Debee says:

    Wat more can I say,look onto jesus the author and perfecter of your faith. this battle is not yours to fight but Gods.I love the maturity u av displayed so far but know that this is the devil @ work to distract you from your heavenly calling. Never give the devil the advantage by fighting back,Remember even jesus was persecuted by those he love,this is just a trial of faith. I pray that God should give u and yur family the grace to pass thru this trying period. with love.

  32. omotoy says:

    if she says olorun ajanaku it doesn’t mean she is praising the man of God. it is just like when we say God of isaac or jacob does it mean we are praying to jacob so i believe tope alabi should move on and be prayerful

  33. olabode james says:

    @ ajala,the wisdom God has given u will not go say the fact anyone God uses to direct your life from grass to grace that person should be who u should be taking kia of .Can I ask you a question?CAN U SEE GOD?I guess no God will send an angel to you to bring your dreams to reality,for tope not coming to church again does not mean anytin to the church,she has pride,she don’t want another singer(s)like biyi samuel,paul glorious,ara,shola allison,lanre teriba to come closer to the pro Ajanaku ,many more like that.,she is a jealous woman,she want everything to herself only if shola allison will talk she (tope)use door to hit shola” hand simply cos shola want to greet pro Ajanaku,many times pro Ajanaku use to call her and her so called (choice)soji to talk to them and I am a living witness to this,no one is black mailing her she is the one doing this herself and for your info,pro Ajanaku did not tell her to go away from the church she decided to leave on her own cos on the 31st of dec,he(pro Ajanaku) realize that most up coming artist that do sing gospel songs were not known to the world as singers bt that night Pro Ajanaku said ALL SINGERS should come out which tope was there and she was sitting down were nursing mothers use to sit and she refuse to come out and she was crying for wat?and many singers came out including princess Ifemide and others and Pro.Ajanaku said one star is sitting and another star is standing so wat is there.since then many good tins has be coming up in the church,before that the gospel musician association of nigeria came to Tope to arrange musical concert @ the church bt cos of pride and jealousy she refuse to bring them to Pro Ajanaku,and God himself make use of another way to bring them to Pro Ajanaku and it was confirmed by the Goman association lagos chapter in which lanre teriba was there and the program was commence. Many tin tope has done but Pro Ajanaku will call her and tell her to adjust but cos of pride and she is wicked,come am a full member of CRVCI AND THE MEDIA MAN,NO MATTER ANY EVENTS GOING ON @ HOME OR CHURCH I AM THERE TO COVER THE EVENT.,MANY TIMES TOPE USE TO SAY “ORI SOJI KO SI NI BI ‘THAT SHE MUST HAVE SEX EVEN JUST FOR ONE TYME IN THE PRESENT OF HER HUSBAND AND PEOPLE AROUND AND PRO AJANAKU WILL SAY BACK TO AJEKU’THAT SHE BELONG TO SOJI ALABI…ALL SONGS U R SINGING U GOT THEM FROM THE WORDS OF PRO AJANAKU COS U CAN SIT DOWN WIT UR SO CALLED SOJI IN HIS PALOUR COLLECTING SONGS AND I KNOW YOU WILL REM THE SONG (MORIYANU)THE SONG WAS FROM UR HAIR U DID THAT DAY U CAME AND PRO AJANAKU SAID THE TOPIC OF THE SONG IS ON THE HAIR U DID CALLED MORIYAN’…..GOD MAKE USE OF PRO .AJANKU TO HEAL U FROM DISEASE THAT U CAN’T TELL PEOPLE INWHICH WE KNOW,NOT KEEPING QUITE MEANS WE R FOOL OR STUPID BT PEOPLE THAT DON’T KNOW U WILL THINK TOU ARE A GOOD PERSON,WELL DID U KNOW THE CHILD OF SUNDAY THE GREAT…,TOPE CONFESS UR SIN JUDGEMENT OF GOD IS ON YOU..PRO AJANAKU IS INNOCENT OF ALL….AS FOR ME I OLABODE WILL FIGHT FOR HIM AND HIS GOD COS U R A DEVIL PPLE DON’T KNOW…..

  34. Adefolake says:

    Eheh. This is a big lesson to all d upcoming gospel artiste. Igbekele eniyan, asan loje. The bible says woe!! unto d man dat put all his trust in “man”. Ajanaku o! Ajanaku oo!! Ajanaku ooo!!! We all saw ds man in Amazing grace nah. He doesn’t even look like a believer let alone been a man of God. If a man of God can grant an interview and tell u he uses Rhome soap 2bath, Rhome soap tone skin nah. Info even reveals dat d man hv little young girls living wt him all in d name of being careing. Not knowing dat he use 2disflower dos girls(one of theem did dilievrance after he had left his auz and confessed). Hmmm wat a. world. U no ehn d man is too boastful as if he is d only prophet God recognise. His member’s even call him Prophet of d world and over all prophets, I mean I wonder, thr was a day I went for sunday worship service in dat church and I listen 2ppls’s testimony “Daddy I bless ur name. Thank u my daddy” ahah!!! Are testimony to thank God of man of God???? In short, I must confess, I’m very happy Tope Alabi left d church where Ajanaku is being worshiped and all d church glory ascribe 2him. So happy 4u Tope Alabi, God dat u re working for will keep u up high In Jesus name.

  35. vickkyvic says:

    Sis Tope, never mind all this rumours, Almighty God has ordained you and no one can bring you down we love you and we will love you forever.come to think of it all this people do they have fear o God? A genuine child of God will not do this, I mean this is not biblical Eph 4:31 and Eph 5:4 is against all this evil speaking and foolish talking . Let’s all be careful because of the judgement and wrath of God and this will not separate any one,leave Tope Alabi alone God has given her a unique glory and no one can destroy the will of God.I am a genuine Christian and I believe so much in the word of God genuine Christian will never do all this to his member which God are we serving, are we truly followers of Christ? anyway this is end time.To Sis Tope and everyone reading this massage let’s be careful which church to go and who to call a man of God because is not everyone that call God that will enter into Kingdom of heaven except those who do the will of God Math 7:21 bless you all.

  36. Ade says:

    All wht u wrote here shows us dat u ar sent by ur so called Ajanaku, nd we Tope Alabi fans said we love her lik dat, her song hav done diff good things 2 d life of people so if ur father needs a solid musiciain he should rase som1 else nd all d world should hear her like Tope Alabi. When Ore tio common came out she don’t knw ur father dat lied dat he name her Tope, see let me tell u d fact, tin ikon oba gbeni eyon ma fi sile nii, once u said Tope Alabi don’t want musician in ur father church den let her go so musician can com in, don’t damage som1 image so that u won’t be damage 2, ar u clean in d presence of God when u said u stil hav a lot 2 say about her bad thing dat she should confess, u 2 go nd confess, we ar all sinners in d present of God so pls go off nd face how u wil make it in ur life, is she d first person dat wil leave ur church, why is it dat u turn her leaving ur church 2 crime, pls go nd look 4 work 2 do nd fight 4 God don’t fight 4 a man lik u, let ur father continue using his money 2 bribe newspaper nd magazines 4 fake new. Tope Alabi keep silence nd let God fight 4 u nd we ur fans we always support u in prayer, soon ur enemy wil be put 2 shame, I like d maturity u nd ur husband is playing, my regards 2 all ur family. U ar always on d TOP

  37. Adefolake says:

    E24-7, this pastor in question has a hidden secret. Several dealth history was recored. For instance, d man said d Dana aircraft dat crashed, he was d cause of it, and several other pple died in d church and d man said he is powerful and cld not wake dem up. Pls help us ask d Ajanaku, Y is he killing pple. Wo jare Tope Alabi continue 2enjoy ur salvation and keep working for God, gbogbo wa a o ni padanu ijoba orun o.

  38. adeniyi adewunmi (a.k.a ALAGBAWI) says:

    All I know is dat ‘OLUWA lo mo eniyan rere’

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