Published On: Mon, Mar 3rd, 2014

MUST READ: Pastor ‘bans women from wearing underwear at his church’

prayer churchA pastor has reportedly told women attending his church not to wear underwear so they can feel closer to God.

The strange request was apparently made by Reverend Njohi at his ministry in Nairobi, Kenya.

The female congregants were forbidden from wearing bras and underwear during his service at the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church, according to the Kenyan Post.

Njohi reportedly said worshippers needed to feel free in their ‘mind and body’ when attending, but strangely did not say men needed to leave their pants at home as well.

The pastor added there would be grave consequences if his female members did not adhere to the new rule, which was reportedly adhered to as most women are said to have attended the next service with no underwear.

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  1. BABYFAZE1910 says:

    gd to hear. can i be member of ur church.

  2. Emmanuel Adeolu Lawrence says:

    Way to hell fire. That Rev and the church members should change to the Lord before it too late for both of them,there is no God in that ministry. Hell is real likewise Heaven is real.

  3. Obatomi Shola T says:

    Wonders they say, shall never end. if i [a male gender] were to be in that congregation, what do you think will happen, even in the church.
    only God knows those wey go eventually make heaven.

  4. Ayodele says:

    That pastor is not a true servant of God, God does not dweoo in a crooked way.

  5. Chimela says:

    No condemnation . Natural forces will settle the issue. Sudden menstrual flow while church by some of these ladies will force the pastor to change the rule.

  6. smith says:

    Bizzare…May God help us

  7. abee says:

    Jesus pls help your children!!i wonder Ђ☺w ♈̷̴̩‎☺ΰ’ll judge dis our generation

  8. Femi John says:

    Oh human,d end is @ hand

  9. Adeola says:

    thats what they used to say tat islam is the best religion no imam or islamic leader can say so even the world will stand against such orson open your eye for true religion

    • Bassey Abaessien says:

      Christianity is a religion of the faithful ones in Christ. And those that want to worship God, must do so in Spirit and in Truth. There is dressing code for Christians in the Bible and so anyone who fails to adhere to it, is worshiping Satan.

      • akinola olalere says:

        Y are u deceiving your eyes n see the way to light n eternity.Islam calls you all.the religion of peace moral humanity.the messenger Christ does not establish a religion before he dies but he preaches faithfulness n worship only one God.

  10. Onyenma okoronkwo says:

    End time

  11. aikay says:

    The only difference in other groups that call themselves churches is that she declared hers,while others are silent over it but allow them to ‘worship’ naked! I have seen the one that attend their worship completely nude.

  12. O.K.Israel says:

    Well, thank God is not in here, Nigeria. Nevertheless, it could happen anywhere. This is gay and lesbian era to those who blv in devil and his demons doctrine. BUT WHAT SEEMS OBVIOUS HERE IS THAT THE SO CLAIMED PASTOR NEEDS “SOMETHING ” FROM THOSE WOMEN ATTENDING HIS ” SOCIAL GATHERING ” but never a church of Living God as been claimed, for devish mission. There’s an evil (spiritual ) motive behind the doctrine. What if there’s sudden discharge from these ladies, or paradventure, they put in mini skirt sitting in the first roll facing the preacher? Corrupt servants and there activities should be banned “there shall be no evil ones among you.”

  13. Mark C Shalli says:

    May God forgive our sins, end of time pastors n imams. They will lead some people’s to hell, be wise please.

  14. promise says:

    That place is no Longer a ‘Church’ rather is a MOTEL where Inquities takes place. May God forgive the so called pastor and his Members.
    Accomplisment of Mattew 24:24

  15. Ebtam says:

    End time indeed is at hand. The scripture must be fullfiled. It is already stated in d bible.

  16. kunchim says:

    if d pastor is married, then he must be a clumsy man.his wife’s menses stain all d seats in his house, talkless of d church.

  17. G S TORO says:

    Eend time may God have mercy on us.Amen

  18. Nboyi taks says:

    praise the living God. The last sign of end time.

  19. Walex says:

    I’m a muslim though but I still have this to say.
    -hope イђξ women are not allowed to wear skimpy dress to church. Ʊ‎​ can imagine イђξ view from イђξ person standing on イђξ altar (not laughing matter o0O°˚˚˚ )
    -how did イђξ writter knew イђξ women complied?
    -if this is actually true, can’t any church member ask for scripture refernce? Afterall イђξ pictures we used to see showed o̶̲̥̅̊w̶̲̥̅̊ people of those days made loop of cloth around there loins(? Underwear).

  20. Ian Emmanuel says:

    Why would Christians not be laughed at with this kind of rubbish in sight by a stupid fool who sees himself of man of God.

  21. aggynatta didah says:

    God have mercy in on us i cant imagine this anymore i think it endtimes

  22. Patrick mwikya says:

    Dont be swayed away by the demonic testamonies

  23. Godslove says:

    Signs of the end time. Repent for the kingdom of God is @ hand. Christianity is the only one true religion. Dnt be decieve by dis end time people cos nt all dat say unto Him Lord will enter d kingdom of heave. Beware of false prophet

  24. akinola olalere says:

    Simply signs of end time as our prophet PBUH as said that d world will not come to an end wen until men rise up and call themselves the prophets n preaches iniquity.false gods.shamelessness will full d. World.ladies will be happy working nakedly in public n even having sex outside.

  25. emmanuel says:

    oh God how long will u tarry? the iniquities are indeed on the increase. spiritual things have been demonised and we have agents of satan dressed in pastor apparrel in our midst. To candid, heaven’s candidates keep reducing everyday, lord let there be revival again in our land . This pastor is nt a pastor , is an agent of the devil . let everybody go back to the bible so that one will nt fall prey of all these so called satanic pastors. children of God beware; ENDTIME.

  26. olawale says:

    Its only in Kenya that terrible tins do happen

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